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If you need help or advice when choosing superfast cloud hosting or domains, our friendly team are here to help. We can also offer cost effective superfast hosting on our cloud.

Domain name

You may already have secured a domain name. However, if you are planning a refresh of an existing site or a brand new site altogether, you may need to purchase a new domain name. If your business is UK only, then is a good choice. If you are a larger business, or trade more globally, then you may wish to choose a .com. See our top tips on how to choose a domain name: Choosing a Domain Name.

Domain name costs are £25 per address, £40 per .com address and £40 per .org address. These are renewable annually.

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One of the steps to building a new website is having Superfast cloud hosting and domains


If you decide to choose our Superfast cloud hosting, your website will benefit from improved page loading speeds improving the user experience. Our team can also ensure that your setup is optimised and are likely to be alerted to any issues more quickly.

Hosted mailboxes are available at an extra cost – please talk to us if you would like to add these.

Hosting on our Superfast cloud (excluding hosted mailboxes) costs £230 per annum, unless you subscribe to one of our monthly maintenance packages, in which case it is included.

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Superfast Cloud Hosting and Domains