How can we help you?

We know that setting up a new website can be a pain - so our aim is to make it as painless as possible for you.

Website Design

After receiving your initial brief and brand guidelines, we can get to work on your new website design. When scoping the project, we will consider where your business is focused and what you are trying to achieve in the look and feel of the design. We will discuss the implications of the design on the way people will be interacting with the website, using our 20 years of business experience to make sure the design will work for you and deliver your objectives, whether they are lead generation, E-Commerce or communication based.

Website Development

The development phase is where we will start to bring your designs to life. When building your website, we consider multi-browser solutions to ensure that it is optimised and responsive – on desktop, tablets and mobile. We begin to implement the functionality that you need, which can be as simple as a contact form or as complex as adding an E-Commerce shop or a searchable data section. Extensive testing also takes place to ensure that the navigation and user experience are seamless.

Hosting, Support and Maintenance

In order to ensure that your new website continues to work for you and evolves as your business grows or changes, we have a range of support options available.

These include maintenance of your site, keeping the content management system up to date and secure. We can also make content changes for you, either on a monthly retainer or as a one off update. We are also able to take over a website from another supplier and discuss improvements. Our packages include an element of search engine optimisation using Google Analytics, which provides insights into how users interact with a website, the search terms used to enter and find the site and how people move through and leave the site. We can also host your new website.

Web Developers in Slough

Although we are website developers based in Slough we can work all over the UK if not the world. With recent uptake on platforms such as Zoom and Teams we are able to work closely with our clients on their websites from any location, although if you want to call into the Slough office to meet the Developers - its easy to arrange.