From the initial ideas to a fully mocked up design we can bring the ideas to you. The basis for any website – the design needs to engage your target market by appealing visually to them. We help scope out what this will be and ensure all the required elements are within the design in a way that works for both you and your target market.

Getting the design right is fundamental to the success of the site, to help us ensure that the site is right for you, we do not start with the design, but start by working with you to identify what you want the outcomes to be. Once we are all agreed on the outcomes, we can write a scope for the project (which can be anything from 1 page to 14 pages). Only then do we start on the design of the site, so that it not only gives you the outcomes you want, but also reflects the personality of the business. In many cases this is the first impression that a potential new client gets of your business, and first impressions really count!

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