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Whilst price may be the over-riding factor in choosing website developers, what might be more important is choosing your website developers that are in Slough and local enough to visit them in person. This way you can get a good working relationship with someone and preferably someone not working alone in their bedroom!

Over the years I’ve seen people use cheap website developers who went on holiday and never returned! I’ve met current clients who had been working with a one man band (and nothing wrong with this) except when there was an issue and they were away and there was no one else to turn to.

Kehorne website developers are based in an office in Slough and there are six of us, so someone is always available to chat and sort out any problems.


Problems do creep into all our lives. As soon as technology is involved it will happen at some point, because there are constant updates to software – which is actually what is making the website do what it does. A website is like a piece of software (like Windows or Excel) running on hardware (like a computer) called a server.

So why update anything? Well many updates are based around security fixes. The companies who write the software have discovered a flaw in the code and written a fix. You need to update their software so you plug a potential issue – because you care about your website you need it to be as secure as possible – so why would you not update the website and fix things before someone hacks into your website and ruins it!

I had a site that was hacked and the only way to easily fix it was to start again – that was years ago before I was involved with Kehorne and I didn’t update it often enough or even back it up. Not something that happened again!


As much as Slough seems to have a, lets say, varied reputation in the UK it is actually ideally suited to a home for Website Developers in Slough because we now have one of the largest collections of server companies based in country. This is because of all the high speed Internet access we have here as well as Slough being an early adopter of 5G mobile signals. Slough has some great facilities for staff – a leisure centre, ice rink, climbing wall and bowling alley to name but a few. Although I was disappointed they wouldn’t build a ski dome but its on my wish list!

Need Advice?

So if you need help or advice on website developers particularly based in Slough – just get in touch and talk to us. We would love to give advice particularly if you are just starting out in business – because at some point you will need a website and the Kehorne crew would love to be your Website Developers from Slough.

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Phone or Email us to have a chat – never a hard sell, we are more interested in giving you the best advice.