An undervalued aspect of your website is keeping the software up to date and the website working.

Perhaps you didn’t even realise your website is based on software and computer code? But it is and behind it this code needs to be kept up to date so that it retains all the functions and security that are expected on the Internet. As with all systems we need to keep things up to date so having Kehorne Digital keep an eye on your website makes perfect sense – we worry about it so you don’t have to!

Support – this can mean many things to many people and what you end up requiring will depend on your particular circumstances. Perhaps you are happy going into the Content Management System (CMS) that holds all the text and images and changing things as you want to, but perhaps this just scares you and you want to send things to us and we change and amend the website for you. Or you may be pretty good at it but something went wrong – so we are here to help put thing right!

Maintenance – We work with you to make sure that the regular jobs involved in keeping the website working are done. Perhaps you have a good understanding of the systems that are behind your website and you only need the minimum help from us, but perhaps you don’t know or care what is going on – you just want it to work! And why not, if you had the time and inclination you would perhaps be doing our job, but we are here to take away the pressures.

Why not let Kehorne Digital keep an eye on your website so you can sleep in peace at night knowing the professionals are keeping your site safe.

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