Website design is perhaps the most important aspect of your website because it will engage the user and help them interact with your product or services. Whether you choose a bespoke design or a template design will depend mostly on your budget, but either way the experience that Kehorne Digital bring to bear will help get the most from the design.

A bespoke design will involve our designer spending time with you to get to know you and your product or services as well as researching your competition to make sure that the design will “speak” to your target market. Perhaps you have a colour palette and logo that have to be implemented within the design, all this will be taken into consideration and options given to you for a final design that can ensure a complete website solution.

A template design reduces the costs as we tend to give you options on designs that retain a flexible approach but work within a more rigid design. Sometimes this can be everything you need and want but the options are explained so that you understand the choices available.

Your Logo is important to being incorporated within the design but if you need a logo our designer can work with you to design something that will capture the essence of your company. The logo often gives the website design a detection as it will contain the colours that are often the reflected within all other aspects of the website.

Contact Kehorne Digital and lets discuss the solutions to your situation.

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