Specific pages for gaining traffic from Google

What are Landing Pages? These are specific pages we help you put together to target one specific aspect of your business. They concentrate on one particular search phrase which is optimised for Google and other search engines so that when someone uses that phrase in a search this particular page shows up high in the results, subsequently when clicked on the user comes into your site through the “landing page” and can then navigate into the rest of your site easily.

With input from Kehorne we can help put together extra web pages that will focus on search phrases that will reflect particular aspects of your business. We work with you to increase your exposure on the Search Engines which in turn will deliver more traffic and business opportunities to you.

Landing pages are a really good way to focus the users mind on a specific topic, and are also an excellent way to improve your SEO for a particular topic or phrase. We use them as part of a marketing campaign as well as a way to explain a more complicated topic, which is part of your overall SEO strategy.

If you have an existing site and want to enlarge it with Landing Pages then talk to us to find out how we can help you add these to your site.

If we are building you a new site then we can add Landing Pages to the site to enable you to gain specific search traffic on particular aspects of your business.

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