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QSUK is run by Louise and Flemming Westphalen selling their professional services and support for SME’s that need help with Health & Safety, Management Systems or People Management.


This brief involved taking the existing site content with some amends and having a fresh new bespoke design – taking the site out of SquareSpace into a more flexible WordPress environment, and improving the usability for the end user.
One area of site that was slightly compromised was in the courses, of which there are in excess of 50. The budget could not include a shop to buy these online but this is an option that can be added to the site in the future.


We used a different image for each page that reflected the corporate colours and what the page was about. Improved the readability of the menu asw the original tended to blend into the background.


By ensuring the text was more readable and the images reflecting the page content we could improve the users journey within the site.
One aim was to make sure that people who had already heard of QSUK could use the site to further research the company and for the website to reflect the professional aspects of Louise and Flemming.

Technical Details

The website was built using WordPress with a Divi modified theme and is fully responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop.
We used a development copy of the website to amend and test before making the website live.
Care was taken to ensure the site loads as fast as possible and we have received a “Pingdom Website Speed Test” of Grade “A” with a load time of 500 ms (approx).

QSUK Home Page