5G and websites – What’s the big deal?

So we all probably know how important fast loading websites are and it’s one of the key things that we focus on at Kehorne in terms of site performance.  But what makes a website slow?

mobile surfing

Any of these things can impact speed:-

– Your internet speed ie your work or home connection

– Where the website is hosted ie in the UK or internationally

– What the website is hosted on ie a fast server

– What sort of connection – copper wire, fibre, 5G, 4G, 3G

– What is on the website – big images, video

So there are lots of parts to the puzzle and only some of this can be something you can influence. You can optimise your website for speed but you have no idea how the connection will be by the end user.

We’ve seen massive improvements in how we view websites on the move, on our mobile phones.  First we had super slow mobile connections but 3G was a massive jump forward and it covers most of the country now.  Then 4G coverage began, and in most urban areas this is what we are using.

5G is the newest mobile service and the first challenge is that only newer phones can even use this. The issue here is that we are all keeping our phones longer; it used to be that every two years we upgraded, but as the new phone on the market is hardly any better than what we currently use, it’s pointless – and the average is now edging towards three years.

This means that there is not the uptake on 5G yet.  In addition, the actual service is very much reduced as they have to install new equipment and larger, taller masts to get a consistent signal as the frequency range will not travel like the 4G signal… so infrastructure-wise it is a much bigger deal – but the benefits will be enormous too..

4G is 100-300Mbps but 5G is 10-30Gbps – you don’t have to know what this means in a technical manner because it just means 5G is “WOW” fast!  Bring it on because our websites will be superfast – so long as we make them that way in the first place!

Talk to us and we will help you make your site superfast.. 

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Enjoy your mobile surfing everyone.